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Who Dat ? is a family owned Australian business. It was born out of the love we have for our adopted pets and the desire for them to be easily identified should they ever get lost.

Scotch was the first dog to inspire us to create a highly visible and attractive dog tag. He was adopted into our family in 2016 after first being our foster dog. He loves to socialise with his friends at the dog park, and being somewhat of a good-looker, people always ask his name. With his Who Dat ? tag on, it’s now nice and clear who he is for the other pawrents.

Chewie joined the family in 2018 and it became clear that not only did our products have to look good, they had to withstand rough doggie play and the inevitable teeth marks. As you can tell by his name, Chewie likes to chew on everything, including his sister Delta.

Delta was adopted into the family in 2020 and is still a young (but large) pup. She likes to run, dig, roll and most of all wrestle Chewie by his collar and drag him down to the ground, his dog tag in her mouth.

Lastly, Felix is our representative cat tag tester. Felix likes to stretch out in the sun for hours on end so our tags must be fade-proof and heat-proof!

So you can see we have a great testing team…Scotch on aesthetics, and Chewie, Delta and Felix on durability!

Meet the Who Dat ? testing team:

As you can probably tell, we’re very passionate about Animal Rescue. For this reason, one dollar from every product sold is donated to an Animal Rescue charity right here in Australia. Currently our chosen Animal Rescue charity is Precious Paws Animal Rescue Inc., who do an amazing job bringing in sick and unwanted pound dogs from rural and regional areas of Queensland, who would otherwise be euthanised.

We invite you to share in the joy our products bring to us and assist an Animal Rescue organisation at the same time!


We love our new dog tag! It’s visible, lightweight and it looks great on.

Claudia, Brisbane

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